Aletiza Photo is Marcela Cussolin


Clients:  Matter Made, Twinnings, Ball Jar,  Maman, The Miami Herald, Fedex, Billabong, Primavera Music Festival in Barcelona, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Vox Media, Vogue, Kelly Behun Studio, Mamma & Tata, LoveShackFancy, Something Navy, Dannijo.

About Me:
As a life-long observer, someone who loves to watch and catch every detail around them, becoming a photographer
was a very organic process.  My approach to photography is that of a storyteller, a photo journalist, there to react to what I see.  I believe by simply observing closely I can capture the deep beauty that already exists—the antidote to formulaic or ‘direct and pose’ photography.

I work in a wide range of styles, but my dedication capturing honest moments remains the same. I specialize in
capturing families, interiors, events, food and portraits. My photos are always available to you digitally, in
books I design or as prints which I personally make, using museum archival ink and paper that will outlast generations.  I also work in branding and partner with clients to
develop and detail their visual language. 


About Aletiza:
A lot of people ask me where the name Aletiza comes from.  Well, to be honest, many people just think it’s my first name.  And it is in fact a first name, just not mine!  Aletiza was the name of a Native tribe woman, from the region of Mato Grosso, in western Brazil. Being of a Native South American background myself, I was always fascinated by all the stories my friend Carolina used to tell me about Aletiza, who was her grandmother. She was a fierce and gracious woman that chose to live in her tribe (even though her family had already moved to the comforts of the city), carry on its principles and tradition, and always claim her place in the world.  To me, Aletiza represents all girls and women setting their path in life, never looking back, with grace and fierceness. 

Recently, my friend Carolina passed from Leukemia. To honor both Carolina and Aletiza, and in gratitude for them, 2% of all photo bookings, every month, will go towards the AmericanCancer Society

I’m always interested in working near and far and I think every project is worth consideration.  I’d love to hear from you!

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